Dirk Weishaupt

Acupuncture in Whangarei – creating lasting comfort for body and mind

Dirk Weishaupt offers personalised acupuncture in Whangarei, with a wealth of practical experience and many years of dedicated study behind him. Dirk has a true passion for the health benefits of acupuncture, both for pain relief and for the improvement of debilitating conditions. ACC-accredited, Dirk offers treatment for injuries and accidents.   

Dirk is also highly trained in the use of acupuncture to boost fertility and to assist with the healthy, full-term pregnancy following IVF treatments. Comprehensive international clinical studies have proven time and again the positive effects of using acupuncture before and during pregnancy: this is an area of expertise that Dirk has a high level of experience in.

Dirk’s philosophy centres on whole body balance: mind and body synchronisation. This belief has led Dirk to explore many traditional therapies, gaining qualifications in Tuina traditional massage and manipulation, Qigong, and Taichi practices. This passion for total wellbeing therapies is evident in Dirk’s unique consultation process; with each patient receiving a comprehensive session prior to the commencement of any therapy or treatment. This is to ensure that Dirk’s patients receive the correct therapy for the source of their ailment; not the symptom, leading to long-lasting and progressive pain relief.

For experienced and professional acupuncture in Northland, contact Dirk Weishaupt Acupuncture in Whangarei – balance for the body and mind.