Sporting injuries

Don’t play through your injury. Remove your pain and play your best.


No drugs, no side effects, no pain!
Try acupuncture today.

Feeling stressed?

Run down, overtired or burning out?
Relax your mind and body instantly.

Low fertility or IVF?

Clinical studies show success through professional acupuncture.

Balance your body and mind with Dirk Weishaupt Acupuncture

Dirk Weishaupt Acupuncture offers professional acupuncture and traditional Chinese therapy services.  Based in Whangarei, Dirk has studied and practiced extensively in New Zealand and abroad to ensure his methodology and practical approach are in line with modern best practices. His passion and dedication to complete, holistic healthcare creates an environment of total well-being; your health is Dirk’s priority. For highly experienced, acupuncture and total mind and body balance therapies, Dirk Weishaupt Acupuncture is Whangarei’s professional acupuncture therapist.

Contact Dirk today to learn more about his professional acupuncture treatments, traditional Chinese therapies, Tuina massage therapies and holistic health services.

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