Working together with your liver, your Gallbladder is vital for helping digest fats.  Blockages in the Gallbladder’s biliary ducts can lead to inflammation, gallstones and other issues.   

But in Chinese Medicine, the Gallbladder also plays a crucial role in emotions – specifically motivation, courage and initiative.  An imbalance of your Gallbladder meridian can be connected to issues like resentment, tension headaches, dizziness, and restless sleep.  

In Western medicine, it is common to remove the Gallbladder when issues arise, but from a traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) view this is a last resort.  Diet and acupuncture can help balance your system so that the Liver Qi (energy) can flow uninhibited through to the Gallbladder because the flow of energy between the two organs is essential to your overall health and wellbeing.  

Acupuncture can help restore balance to your system, have your Gallbladder functioning better and help you sleep better and have fewer headaches.   And if you have had your Gallbladder removed, never fear – Acupuncture can help your system balance and work optimally.   

So if you think your Gallbladder could do with some TLC, get in touch today. 

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