Endometriosis is not cool at all. This inflammatory disease is associated with often-crippling pain when tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is found in places where it shouldn’t be (aka outside of the uterus). Endometriosis affects roughly 1 in 10 women and girls in New Zealand and is the most common cause of severe abdominal pain.

Acupuncture has been used by the Chinese for hundreds of years to deal with period pain and issues. It has been found to be as, if not more, effective than morphine for pain relief. It is also effective in helping balance hormones and reduce PMT, pain and other ‘period symptoms’.

In fact, researchers (such as Sydney-based New Zealander Mike Armour) are running clinical trials that may see acupuncture become a mainstream treatment for both bad period pain and the pain of endometriosis.

And while traditional acupuncture can’t cure endometriosis, it can help reduce symptoms and pain. In fact, the American Society of Reproductive Medicine recommends acupuncture as a treatment to help with endometriosis pain.

More recently, a feasibility was done to see how effective twice weekly acupuncture was for women with endo. Results aren’t available yet, but preliminary findings were looking very promising.

So if you are struggling with endometriosis, severe period or abdominal pain, other period issues, pain during sex, stomach issues including serious bloating or diarrhoea or issues getting pregnant, acupuncture can help you – contact me to find out more.

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