Insomnia isn’t fun and there’s a reason sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture.Now while it might seem counter intuitive to stick needles in you to help you sleep, research shows that acupuncture can help with your zzzzz’s to help get you to get to sleep and stay asleep.

A study of volunteers with anxiety and insomnia revealed that acupuncture increased the night time levels of the “sleep hormone” melatonin. At the end of the trial anxiety levels were significantly lower and sleep efficiency had increased. Both sleep quality and sleep time had improved considerably.

If you regularly wake at a certain time it can be your body talking to you telling you things are not as optimal as they could be. From a Chinese Medicine point of view, these are very telling signals from your body that you are out of balance. For example:

  • Waking regularly between 1 – 3am can be a sign your liver needs some TLC, you are holding onto a lot of anger, or you have an overload of toxins.
  • Waking up regularly between 3 – 5am can be sign your lung meridian is out of balance or you have a lot of grief and sadness.


Acupuncture can help get your system and emotions balanced so you can sleep soundly through the whole night. It also helps with insomnia, sleep disturbances and overall energy levels.

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